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OS1st PB4 Pickleball No Show (1x)

OS1st PB4 Pickleball No Show (1x)

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The PB4® Pickleball Sock is built for impact protection and blister prevention with nano-bamboo charcoal cushion in high-friction areas and OS1st’s cooling technology for heat relief while playing on hot surfaces. The arch band provides added support and prevents sheering force during quick movement.

PB4 Pickleball Features:




    • Allows for natural toe splay



    • Treated with silver-ion technology for anti-bacterial odor and moisture wicking ability



    • Padding in high-friction areas with Nano Bamboo Charcoal ionized fibers



  • Cooling heat release Left/right design for anatomical fit



Before ordering, use this size chart for an accurate fit - Sizing is based on Average US Shoe Size





    • Small: Men's Shoe 4-6,  Women's Shoe 4-6.5



    • Medium: Men's Shoe 6.5-9.5,  Women's Shoe 7-10



    • Large: Men's Shoe 10-12.5,  Women's Shoe 10.5-Plus



  • Extra Large: Men's Shoe 13-15