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Fabulous February

It’s Fabulous February at the TGC Athletics Proshop! We are dedicated to working with you every step on your journey to strength, health, and well-rounded athletic lifestyle. Love your body with our intentionally designed packages for Fabulous February!


Bending but not breaking. Strength paired with flexibility. Moving quickly and easily.

Our Agility package was created to give you the tools you need for your best workout. Electrolyte Supreme packets help you stay hydrated and energized during, and after, your workout. The Thinksport water bottle is insulated, easy to carry, and the perfect companion to your workout and day to day life. Staying hydrated is the most important part of staying healthy. Sport your athletic lifestyle with the TGC Athletics branded shirt, comfortable and fitted for each agile move you make. A Sports Massage with Bridget gives your body the strength to keep going, focusing on the on the muscles geared specifically for your physically demanding workout and lifestyle.


Passionate and fiery. Power with emotion. Extreme strength.

Our Intensity package is curated to take your workout up a notch. Hydration is key with the Thinksport water bottle. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. Intensity and hydration go hand in hand. Push further and work harder in our TGC Athletics branded UnderArmor sleeveless shirt. Sweat wicking material and stretch allows you to lunge deeper and do more reps. After you workout is complete, care for those sore muscles with the Diadem CBD roll-on applicator so you can go again tomorrow.


Persistence and lasting strength. Pressing on and powering through. Remaining present.

Our Endurance package was made to keep you persisting even after your workout is over. Keep your mind in the game with the Sensei Meditation Oil. Use this oil as a means to connecting with your body. Sitting and listening to what your body needs, calming your mind, and gaining the strength to persist daily. Paired with a lit Woodland Walk candle, a moment of quiet can accelerate you towards your goals. Let go of any tension and stress that you are holding on to with a Reflexology massage with Bridget.


Restore and heal. Return your body to rest. Prepare for growth.

Our Recovery package is built to give your body rest and peace so that you can be ready again for tomorrow. Melt away your sore muscles, the day’s stressors, and let go in a soaking bath. Fizz Bizz bath salts help relieve sore muscles, release stress, and prepare your body for a good night’s sleep. After your bath, the Sleepy Z’s take over. CBD paired with Melatonin provides your body with the ultimate rest. A Swedish Massage with Bridget allows you to let go of any remaining tension, allowing you to recover and prepare for your next workout and whatever else life throws your way.
Love your body through agility, intensity, endurance and recovery. TGC Athletics is here for your journey.